Uploading Your Photo

When uploading your photos please make sure you have read the “Acceptable Content Policy” before uploading, as our printers will NOT print anything that contravenes this policy.

To upload using the personalization tool, please ensure you follow the following guideline:

  1. Submit files in PNG or JPEG format with at least 150 DPI
    We recommend using PNG for designs with a transparent background. For other designs, we advise preparing files in JPEG instead.
  2. To find what DPI your photo is, simply follow the guide as listed here “How to Check the DPI of an Image”
  3. If your unsure what DPI is or how to work it out, just try uploading your photo anyway. If it’s not at least 150 DPI, then our “personalization tool” won’t accept the photo and you will get an error message saying “File submitted is too small or too big” or maybe another error message. If you see an error message, please try again with a better photo. Failing this send us the photo and a message and we will try to upload it for you.
  4. Most photo’s taken with a cell phone camera are perfect so you shouldn’t really have a problem, but this information is just in case.
  5. People trying to upload on a desktop are telling us they have problems where cell phone uploaders don’t. We are trying to solve this issue. In the meantime, please try uploading your photo using your cell phone.